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Flower children's clothing

Flower boy is another focus of attention in the wedding. The lovely face can melt everyone's heart at once. However, flower children's clothing is also exquisite. In this article, I'll tell you how to choose clothes without making mistakes.

Flower children's clothing

1. Clothing color: the light color is the best. Light pink, light blue and yellow, this fresh color will make children more lovely, just like little angels. In addition, if you hold a Chinese wedding, you can choose a red dress, which looks very short and cute. Girls try not to choose black, gray, dark blue skirt this looks more boring color. In addition, don't choose too flowery skirt, which doesn't match the wedding as a whole. In terms of style, the flower girl can choose the white princess skirt and gauze skirt, and try not to choose the ordinary dress, because the children also love beauty very much, and she will be very happy if she is well dressed. In addition, the length of the skirt for the flower girl should not be too long. For example, the floor skirt and the big tail are not suitable. Children love to run and are easy to wrestle. So try to choose a mid length to calf (if you want to be more dignified) skirt, or a shorter pompous skirt. Boys can choose to wear a shirt with trousers, or a suit. In short, in the selection of styles, to match with the bridegroom and bride.

2. With props, flower children need to sprinkle petals and hand rings at the wedding. So it's very important to equip every flower boy with a lovely basket. If you don't sprinkle petals, you can match the bouquet as a small prop. It looks super cute. In addition, girls can also match with wreaths, angel wings, must be cute over the audience.

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